7 Top Tips to Future Proof the Magic in your Business

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Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 12:00 to 13:00

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Free webinar: 7 Top Tips to Future Proof the Magic in your Business
12pm UK time

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We all start our businesses with a core idea, the magic spark that gets everything started. Over time the core idea evolves and has to withstand the winds of change both outside and inside the business.

Sometimes these changes are positive, resulting in great new strategies and plans. Other times, changes are difficult to navigate and can have a negative effect on results and the organisation.

Join us in this webinar hosted by Untapped Innovation, a WEConnect International certified women's business enterprise, where they lay out key mega-trends that will likely impact the future of your business, and Top Tips that will ensure you can not only weather the changes by future-proofing your plans, but also spot new opportunities and pivot smartly where needed. They will use a series of examples to bring each Top Tip to life, with pragmatic and easy to reapply advice that you can use immediately.

3 key practical take aways:
1.) Overview of the key mega trends driving business development for the next 3-5 years
2.) Look at how these mega trends could influence your business planning
3.) 7 Top Tips to future proof, spot new opportunities and pivot smartly where needed.

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Our presenters:

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Suzanne Allers is a creative and analytical thinker who loves to dig deep into the worlds of technology and human insight to uncover connections that spark new products and services. She loves Science and Story in equal measure – Science from her background in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Chemistry and Human Stories from a 20-year career in understanding human needs to inspire innovation. She spent 17 years client-side at P&G and was a founding partner in Untapped Innovation in 2012.

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Deirdre Walters loves nothing more than combining ingredients from different worlds – everyday human life, emerging technologies & future trends – to invent exciting new products & services. With a broad spectrum of experience in manufacturing, technology development, and marketing, she has a firm grasp of how to translate new ideas into action, creating big impact. She has a degree in Chemistry, spent her early career working for P&G and is now a partner at Untapped, consulting with a diverse range of start-ups & larger companies.

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