Are you Working IN your Business, or ON your Business?

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Thursday, July 28, 2016 - 17:00 to 18:00

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Free Webinar: Are you Working IN your Business, or ON your Business?

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Lynne Kennedy is the Company Director of True2 Leadership Ltd, a WEConnect International certified women-owned business. She and her team have a healthy obsession with untangling businesses, teams and people. They know that an untangled business secures its goals; its parts all mesh together; people work well in teams and also achieve their individual potential; the culture is positive; initiatives actually work; customers get what they really need; and sales keep rising.

Very quickly, and often without ever noticing or planning to, a business can find itself entangled in conflicting processes, measures and cultures, resulting in sub-optimum relationships with clients, reduced profitability and frustrating ways of working. Owners and leaders can quickly find themselves subsumed by working within this tangle (or even being complicit in enhancing it) rather than making time to step back and take a wider or different perspective. And sometimes, somewhere along the line without ever meaning to, goals and aspirations stopped being challenging and folks gently began to settle for “doing OK”.

This session will be a mix of thought-provoking questions, thinking tools, case studies and stories to either help you stop and think about your business from a fresh perspective; or to offer some additional view points if you have already made time to look up and work on it, rather than in it all of the time.

The webinar will include:
For those who already have a defined strategy and are working ON their business:

  • A series of questions to pressure-test how well your strategy is reflected in how your business is shaped and running and in the decisions you make
  • Tools for cascading goals and measures down and across your business that flow directly from (and aggregate back up to) those objectives within your strategy (Or if it’s just you, ensuring you target and track the right things needed to achieve your strategy)
  • Tools for measuring and tracking your performance against these in a way that ensures no one measure or approach overwhelms others of equal importance

For those who know they need a strategy, but are working IN their business far too much:

  • A series of questions and ideas to help free up time and create space to think (and why both are vital)
  • Tools to help you consider your current business from different perspectives to identify opportunities
  • Questions to help you think about what’s going on in the wider business environment and consider its impact upon you
  • Tools to help you define your business model
  • Ideas to help transform your customer relationships

Whilst the session won’t give you a definitive answer regarding whether you are working ON your business enough or not (and how well that ‘ON’ translates to how your business operates) - only you can determine that; what it will do is provide prompts, tools and perspectives that will challenge, support and help you either determine that your strategy and plans for your business are robust and working; need a little more dedicated time; or perhaps need you to pop up out of your business and work ON it for a little while too.

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You can register for this free event online here:

Our presenter:
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Having worked within the fast moving consumer goods and retail sectors for 15 years in roles that included leading a team of 700 people for Mars Confectionery, managing a corporate change programme for Boots The Chemist, managing Grocery Multiple retailers for Britvic and leading anti-counterfeit operations in China for a number of large brand-owners including HP, Lynne Kennedy escaped corporate life (and Guangzhou) and founded True2 Leadership Ltd 15 years ago.

Lynne’s expertise includes the coaching and mentoring of leaders, operating boards, teams and individuals within organisations, as well as the provision of consulting and learning and development to support the untangling and ensure the new ways of thinking and working stick.

She and her team are fortunate to work with some really great clients such as Philips, Mercedes Benz, Kraft Foods, Reckitt Benckiser, GlaxoSmithKline, Bunzl, Royal Holloway and Essex Universities, Kinetic Solutions and Global Reach Partners; both in the UK and further afield.

She is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP; a qualified coach with over 1,000 hours of coaching provision; certified in the use of a number of assessment tools and a graphic facilitator – preferring cartoons, props and participation to death-by-Powerpoint every time!

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