The Art of C-Suite Aikido - Transforming the Destructive Energy of Conflict

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - 12:00 to 13:00

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Free Webinar: The Art of C-Suite Aikido - Transforming the Destructive Energy of Conflict

The recording of this webinar can be found here.

Ishreen's slides for her presentation can be found here.

Conflict can create a lot of energy. Whether this energy causes a disintegration of communication or is channeled constructively is completely within your control, by your response. Just as the martial art of Aikido has techniques to merge with the energy of the aggressor to flip it into something new, so does your response to conflict. In this webinar, Ishreen Bradley will give you concrete strategies to transform any conflict into a powerful tool of creativity.

Together, we will:
- Explore typical sources of conflict at work
- Identify how conflict is typically handled at work and the consequences of different behaviours
- Learn strategies to create a positive outcome with the energy generated by conflict
- Practice different conflict handling modes to experience where they might be useful

You will leave the webinar with:
- New insights on how to flip a specific conflict pattern that keeps recurring for you
- Concrete strategies to effectively flip a negative situation into a creative solution
- The confidence of experience in practicing C-Suite Aikido techniques in managing challenging situations

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You can register for this free event online here:

Our presenter:

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Ishreen Bradley, Chief Inspiration Officer of Equality Pioneers, a WEConnect International certified women's business enterprise, is a passionate pioneer of parity at work. She influences public policy, organisational culture and individual progression by applying research, executive experience and a nurturing approach.

Her book “Authentic You” is a practical guide for leaders to succeed at work whilst staying true to themselves. It builds on “Shooting for the C-Suite” which is widely acknowledged as one of the most progressive research contributions on gender parity.

Focused on cultural transformation for parity, Ishreen works at organisational, group and individual levels to develop skills and environments that provide ’stand out and lead through your difference’ coaching to individuals and cultural transformation consultancy to organisations around the world.

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