The Customer Experience as The Human Experience - how to increase sales, retain customers and build a fan base

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Monday, June 29, 2015 - 12:00 to 13:00

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The Customer Experience as The Human Experience - how to increase sales, retain customers and build a fan base

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How does the Customer Experience relate to your Human Experience and what does that mean for your business success?

Spending time growing your business is essential, but the key to customer retention is their Experience. Evidence shows that while the product or service that you are selling is important, it’s the total Experience that your customer has with you that makes the difference.

It is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one and it is much easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

Why is that? Existing customers have already developed a relationship with your business. Focussing on their Experience and helping them to become a fan of your service is one of your greatest assets.

In this webinar we look at The Customer Experience as The Human Experience and review seven easy to remember principles which, when integrated into your business, will help to increase sales, retain customers and build a raving fan base amongst your customers.

We humans make decisions based on how we feel and that relates to us connecting as human beings.

So whether you are selling products or services, treat yourself better, your employees better and your customers better and that will be the key to a sustainable business.

This will be an open and interactive webinar. Denise Nurse will share her and her business partner Janvi Patel’s experiences over the past seven years that have led to the growth of Halebury, a WEConnect International certified women-owned business, to a multi-million pound turnover in a crowded sector. Denise will examine issues, demonstrate solutions and provide strategies for improved customer experience.

Key learning points will include:
1. Examining what service you provide to your customer
2. Techniques to measure and track customer service
3. Case studies on improved customer service
4. 7 point plan for making immediate changes to your business to improve customer service

Who should attend: This webinar will be valuable to all business owners, managers and leaders who are looking to improve their customer service, increase sales and improve employee satisfaction.

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Our presenter:
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Denise Nurse is CEO and Co-Founder of Halebury. She is a NewLaw pioneer and has been spearheading operational, structural and cultural change within the legal services industry since starting Halebury in 2007. Her aim: to create an entirely original business model to service the needs of clients and lawyers at the senior end of the market.

Denise has persuaded many clients, who would generally look to a panel of large firms for legal advice, to try a new service delivery method. The firm now has strategic partnerships with clients such at BT, Barclays and Expedia and a growing roster of clients in the TMT and FS sectors. Denise is client lead on many of these accounts and heads up both service and product innovation to continuously improve and develop Halebury’s proposition.

Denise is a gamechanger in more ways than one. She has successfully and uniquely combined her legal and television career, launching and managing Halebury whilst presenting for Sky News and BBC One’s Escape to the Country. She continues with her media career as she strongly believes that experiences outside the legal industry can enhance your legal outlook and lead to innovation. She combines both careers with raising a young family.

Denise’s vision and determination to create an alternative in the traditional legal services market is borne out by Halebury’s success, evolving business model, recognition in the marketplace, and growing roster of high quality clients. She remains passionate about collaborating with clients to anticipate and meet their requirements. Her lead on customer service within the business has led to her being asked to speak on the subject to FTSE 100 clients.


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