The FAB Quotient™: Your Tool Kit for Fighting Fatigue and Staying Resilient in Business

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Monday, July 20, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:00

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The FAB Quotient™: Your Tool Kit for Fighting Fatigue and Staying Resilient in Business

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Celynn's accompanying notes to this session can be found here - there are loads of great tips so they're definitely a must read! And more information about sugar can be found here:“Sugar – Not Always A Sweet Ending".

As a busy entrepreneur or business woman, the FAB Quotient™ will offer you practical solutions to the challenges of high stress - low energy living. Modern living gives us lifestyle perks and convenience but it means that many of us are working longer hours, exercising less and eating a diet of nutrient deficient foods. As a high achiever and business driver, you may be living your life in an energy and time deficit. Many of us have become richer materially but the trade-off is more stress and less quality time for ourselves.

If you …
• make poor food choices when eating on the run during your work day
• don’t feel that you have the time, energy or inclination to exercise
• struggle to manage your weight
• experience excessive worry, anxiety or depression
• struggle to sleep adequately, especially when stressed

... then the FAB Quotient™ is a revolutionary approach that will help you to fight fatigue, be brain fit and be more authentic as you collaborate more powerfully as a business owner or driver.

Key learning points in this webinar will help you to discover how to use the power of emergence of the three interrelating points that make up the FAB Quotient™:

F – Fueling (unlock energy + vitality)
Understanding the science and practicalities energy and stamina
Strategic refueling
Avoiding portion distortion

A – Activation (be brain fit + reduce stress)
Sitting is the new smoking – use activations to negate these effects
How to activate your brain at your desk or when you travel
Using power postures to reduce stress and promote confidence

B – Behaviour (be authentic + collaborate powerfully)
Know Yourself using the Enneagram Personality assessment
How to create sustainable new behaviours that REALLY stick

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Our presenter:
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Celynn Erasmus, a self-registered WEConnect International women business owner , is a registered dietician and works as a full time professional speaker and writer. Celynn is passionate about equipping busy people with practical tools and techniques that will enhance their performance; help them manage fatigue and boost energy levels. As a professional speaker, Celynn energises local as well as international audiences and presents regularly in the UK.

Celynn is Managing Director of NewCel Mobile Health Solutions- A new start up business committed to using mobile technology to enhance the quality of healthcare and life.

Celynn is a regular media columnist; founder and developer of the WELLCULATOR™ and has published a bestselling book with Tafelberg entitled Fast Food For Sustained Energy, co-authored with renowned dietician, Gabi Steenkamp.

Celynn is also co-founder of the Resilient Energy Center and the FAB Quotient™. Along with her partner, Joni Peddie, they have published book 1 (of a series of 3), called “Nutrition, Fitness, Diet & Lifestyle Hacks - The FAB Quotient: Fuel + Activate + Behave - for Resilient Energy”. The book is available here:

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