Five Cultural Keys to Building Sustainable Engagement & Purpose

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 12:00 to 13:00

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Free Webinar: Five Cultural Keys To Building Sustainable Engagement & Purpose

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We are in the midst of a major transition in how we do business worldwide. To discuss this in an insightful webinar, we have invited Karin Volo, Chief Joy Bringer at Evoloshen and co-author of the international bestselling book Engage! to bring insights as to why working with engagement is essential to building a sustainable business into the future. Based on over four years research into companies who are successfully breaking through traditional business models, Karin will share case studies of some of the most amazing companies in the world.

In this special webinar, you will learn:

  • Why disengagement has become a global epidemic and how much it’s really costing us
  • Why certain future trends are affecting businesses across the board
  • The FIVE Cultural Keys that are essential for your business success
  • Why purpose will make or break you going into the future
  • Real stories from amazing companies like Virgin, Southwest Airlines, PUMA, TOMS and more and how they drive purpose and meaning to engage employees

It’s time to change the way the world works. It’s time to bring in a new mindset that business can be a force for good…for the people, the planet, and also the profits.

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You can register for this free event online here:

Our presenter:
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Karin Volo, Chief Joy Bringer / CEO of Evoloshen, a WEConnect International women-owned business, is an expert in engagement, personal and organizational development and an international bestselling author. With over 15 years experience working with international Fortune 500 companies on two continents, she has insights on business building, cultural transformation and high performance. Karin loves working with cultural development, employee engagement, leadership training / mentoring, professional inspirational speaking and writing. She is also a Certified C-IQ™ Coach. Her purpose is bringing joy to the workplace. Just listening to Karin's laugh is contagious!


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