How to Build a Brand with Impact

Date & Time: 
Friday, July 28, 2017 - 12:00 to 13:00

Online event


Free Webinar: How to Build a Brand with Impact

The recording of this webinar can be found here.

Miriam's slides for her presentation can be found here.

During the webinar, Miriam also referenced a talk by Simon Sinek which can be found here.

Brand - a buzzword that can mean so many different things. In this webinar, we'll debunk some common myths and look at what makes today's superbrands so powerful. The session is packed with inspiration and actionable tips you can use for your own brand.

The following topics will be covered:

  • What is branding and why is it important?
  • Today's superbrands: deconstructing what makes them so powerful
  • How to build a strong brand for your business: key questions to ask yourself
  • Understanding the branding and agency landscape and picking the right partner for your business

Register online:
You can register for this free event online here:

Our presenter:

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Miriam Tyrangielis the Strategy Director and Founder of Tee & Frost, a WEConnect International women-owned business and a brand strategy and design studio. By uncovering a brand's essence, Tee & Frost build powerful brands that impact and engage. Her clients have ranged from large corporates to startups and small businesses. Clients have included NatWest, Procter & Gamble, Aviareps, Coca-Cola, Paradise Beach Nevis, Invesco and Heinz. Before setting up Tee & Frost, Miriam worked at a number of branding agencies in London such as Clear M&C Saatchi and CSpace (Omnicom).

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