Speak up! How to Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking

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Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 12:00 to 13:00

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Speak up! How to Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking

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Do you run for cover at the thought of a public speaking engagement? Are you less confident with male dominated audiences? Do you freeze in front of an audience and develop a rapid heartbeat?

Learning to speak to large groups of people can have a profound impact on your business as an industry expert, impress investors and enhance your reputation as a leader.

Due to persistent fear issues such as Imposter Syndrome and Tiara Syndrome, however, women are less likely to apply for leadership roles and public speaking engagements, even when they are more qualified than their male counterparts. As a result, alongside the unconscious bias that that already brings about huge gender imbalance, men's voices dominate in the areas that matter. This means, in the boardroom, politics and in the media, to name but a few, women are voiceless.

There is very little point however, in telling women that their voices matter without providing them with the tools to do so. This webinar redresses the imbalance through a blend of NLP techniques (Neuro-linguistic programming) to conquer persistent fear issues alongside public speaking and broadcasting skills to bring about more compelling, confident and authentic women communicators.

Key Learning Points will include:

  1. The challenges that are particular to women in the public speaking arena.
  2. Dealing with persistent confidence issues such as Imposter Syndrome and Tiara Syndrome.
  3. The causes of public speaking fear.
  4. Addressing the major issues that come about as a result of fear and equipping you with tools to overcome them, such as:
  • Inauthentic, dull and lifeless presentations. Using storytelling to bring yourself to the stage as well as to ignite, motivate, inspire your audience.
  • Ineffective speech patterns such as Vocal Fry (a common speech trait in women where definitive statements come off as questions). Using the power of the pause to change your dance and to engage your audience.
  • Understanding how our fears impact your body language and how to adopt a style which is fearless, more engaging and bold.
  • Ways to find and use your voice with a male dominated audience and deliver with confidence and poise.

Register online:
You can register for this free event online here: https://weconnect-speak-up.eventbrite.com

Our presenter:

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Ingrid Marsh is the Voice of Change and the founder of Women with Voices, a WEConnect International women-owned business and the place where authentic, compelling and confident women public speakers are created. She has over 20 years’ experience as a Speaker, Broadcaster and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner specialising in women's confidence and communication.

Ingrid is passionate about providing women with the confidence to find their voices and bring their authentic selves to the stage. The basis, she believes, in being a compelling public speaker.

Speaking gigs include Google Campus London: How to be an authentic Entrepreneur; Impact Hub Westminster: The Art of Storytelling; Geek Girl Conference: Work/Life Balance; The Truman Brewery: The Food tech revolution; Tree Shepherd's starting a new businesses event: Pros and cons of starting a business via an online Marketplace.

Ingrid is also a broadcast journalist covering women’s lifestyle issues on numerous local radio stations.

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