Understand What Your Business Is Telling You

Date & Time: 
Monday, March 25, 2019 - 12:00 to 13:00

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Free Webinar: Understand What your Business is Telling You

The recording of this webinar can be found here.

Lyn's slides for her presentation can be found here and her handout can be found here.

You will benefit from this webinar if:

  • You find all the financial and non-financial performance information that your business generates overwhelming
  • You are unsure of what the information is telling you
  • You feel either emotional or disconnected when you look at the information
  • You want to understand how you can use the information in your business to optimise its growth

Each of our businesses has a story to tell; one it is heading towards. This story is related to why the business came into being, what it is there to do, how it is going to achieve this and what is important to our business.

So, how do we know if our business is telling that story and where we are on the path to our vision?

Our businesses generate information that can help us guide our business, make informed decisions and know what is happening within our business. Yet how we look at that information, which information we use and how we interpret it can impact how our business develops and grows.

By understanding the lens that we are viewing the information through, any beliefs we are bringing to the table and which information will help us understand whether we are moving towards our vision we have a better chance of knowing what our business is telling us and making informed decisions.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How you relate to your business finances and any beliefs which may be holding you back
  • The importance of having clarity on the story you want your business to tell
  • Financial and non-financial performance information that will help you understand your business and make informed decisions

Register online:
You can register for this free event online here:

Our presenter:

Lyn Man - 012.jpg

Lyn Man is a certified management accountant and a certified professional coach. She founded earthAconter, a WEConnect International women-owned business, last June with the purpose to change how we engage with business finances.

Lyn spent over 20 years working in finance functions within large multinational corporations, SMEs, non-profits and start-ups in roles ranging from trainee accountant to Financial Controller and Divisional Finance Director.

During her time working closely with business heads and directors, Lyn gained many insights as to how business information was key to understanding what was happening within the business and to be able to move it forward. She also observed how the way they engaged with their business finances and certain beliefs could impact the business.

Lyn certified as a coach 8 years ago and has since explored further how beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves impact our lives.

Lyn now combines her coaching with her accountancy knowledge to help people change how they engage with their business finances so they and their business can have a bigger impact on the world. As one client put it; ‘It helps me focus and make conscious decisions about my business instead of just reacting, which is what I have previously done.’


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