WBE 2 WBE Day: Sales Secrets

Date & Time: 
Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 10:00 to 15:30

1 More London Riverside



Photos from this event can be seen here.

The WBE Council would like to invite you to attend our next WBE 2 WBE Day which is taking place on Thursday 21st March at EY, a WEConnect International corporate member, in London.

Together, our certified WBEs generate over £200m worth of business each year and this event is an opportunity for our WBEs to get to know each other and to understand more about each other’s businesses. As the network of WBEs expands across Europe, there’s increased opportunity to work with each other and to use each other’s products and services and so we’d like to raise awareness of these opportunities within the network of our certified women-owned businesses.

Based on feedback from WBEs, the theme we have chosen for the event is ‘sales’ and we have engaged an external trainer, Nicola Cook of Company Shortcuts, to run a one day workshop for us and as such there is a small cost to attend the workshop. You can attend yourself as well as bring others in your team and we’d really love to see as many of the certified WBEs there as possible.

Tickets for certified WBEs cost £55.50 + VAT per person. If there are still places available after the 15th February, we will open the event to self-registered businesses and their tickets will cost £72 + VAT per person. *Please note - you will need to use a WBE code to access your WBE tickets - if you don’t have this code, please contact Maggie or Jay - thanks!*

We expect the day to be a very valuable experience for us all and one which will help us all to up our ‘sales’ skills as well as to forge new partnerships and understand how we can all benefit more from being part of WEConnect International.

Sales Secrets - the sales skills everyone in your business should know

Does everyone in your business understand their contribution towards revenue generation and profit protection and have they ever been trained in the most basic fundamentals of selling? Would everyone in your business know how to spot an opportunity, how to engage them, qualify them or what to do next? During this session, you will learn about a simple sales structure and techniques that will enable you to empower your people and embed into your business the ethos that ‘sales is a culture – not a department’, ensuring everyone is equipped with the skill set to drive sales growth.

In this skills intensive workshop, Nicola Cook will share some of the fundamental professional sales skills that she has taught to thousands of people, across every possible sector, over the past 20 years.

• Using your own value proposition example understand the influences in your buyers' decision making (taking into account differing types of buyers and different sales channels) and how to embed this company wide
• Clarity around your barriers to entry and the on-going communication, reporting and use of internal language to describe prospects, opportunities and customers
• A simple five step process for managing the buyer’s customer journey that should be shared with everyone in your organisation
• A clear framework and tool to embed in your culture that ensures you deeply qualify a customer’s need and create a fundamental template that allows your teams to develop deeper connections with your prospects, adding momentum to the sale and most importantly allowing them to prioritise profit first

Workshop Outcomes:
• Document your core 'Steps of the Sale' that fit your sales channels and associated buyer behaviour
• Develop the templates necessary that can be used company wide to ensure that everyone understands that ‘sales is not a department – it’s a culture’
• The metrics necessary to measure the effectiveness of the ongoing sales activity within your organisation, making a direct correlation between pipeline and future revenue generation
• Inspiration on how to build a sales growth culture so that everyone takes responsibility for the customer and for the sales results of the company.

Register Online: https://weconnect-wbe2wbe-day-sales-secrets.eventbrite.co.uk

Our Presenter:

Nicola Cook.JPG

Nicola Cook - Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Sales Growth Accelerator, Wife, Mother and Bassett Hound Lover

Nicola specialises in helping business leaders create accelerated growth and scalability in their sales function. Teaching CEOs what they need to know about designing and implementing sales growth strategy before they delegate down to their sales sirectors or sales teams.

She has published two international bestsellers which have been translated into 16 languages and her hotly anticipated third book is due out later this year. Nicola is invited to speak internationally and her firm Company Shortcuts was a finalist in two categories at the prestigious BESMA (British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards) in 2016, making the finals in the ‘Best Sales Trainer in the UK’ category and 'Best Training Center’.

Nicola herself is a past winner of the North East Women Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012, is a Fellow of the ISM (Institute of Sales Managers) and most recently has been added to the Smith & Williamson Power 100 which celebrates the top 100 individuals who help shape policy, champion, mentor, support and promote entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the UK.

Originally from a blue-chip background Nicola held senior sales positions at American Express, Procter & Gamble and Gucci before switching her focus, initially to a scaleup business where she was part of the management team that successfully scaled and exited, at which point she launched her own consulting firm in 2004.

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