Become a Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Mentor

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A unique opportunity

Twice each year, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Womeninvites outstanding business professionals and entrepreneurs to join its Mentoring Programme as mentors. Both men and women are welcome! As a mentor, you work one-on-one with a woman entrepreneur in a developing or emerging economy for one year. Your support helps her achieve goals, build confidence and gain new skills.

Mentors benefit too. You can enhance your own skills, profile and networks while making a difference to a woman entrepreneur in Egypt, Vietnam, South Africa, Pakistan, El Salvador or a host of other countries.

What they look for in a mentor
The key criterion is commitment. You’ll need to be able to meet with your mentee online two hours a month for a year (starting in November 2016). You’ll also need 7+ years of relevant business experience. Mentees are looking for support in a wide range of areas, so chances are there is a mentee who could benefit from your expertise!

How online mentoring works
You’ll meet with your mentee online two hours a month to work on goals that are tailored to her needs and your interests. You’ll be part of a vibrant, online community of 4,000 mentees and mentors around the world. Mentors receive training and have access to events, a resource centre and a learning and networking forum.

Apply by 19 September 2016
If you apply by 19 September, you could find yourself working with a beekeeper in Uganda, a seed business owner in Kenya, a paper producer in Honduras, an app developer in Vietnam, a caterer in South Africa, a cake decorator in Malaysia or other ambitious women.

For all the details on the mentor application and selection process, click here.


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