The Change Makers Hold the First Ever International #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club

The Change Makers Hold The First Ever International #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club At The Icelandic Embassy in London - A New Step Towards Gender Equity

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Co-creators of #NoMoreBoxes movement Rúna Magnúsdóttir and Nicholas Haines, Kindness Ambassador, facilitated the event as part of The Change Makers, with the Ambassador of Iceland Stefan Haukur Johannesson, CEO of Global Angel Foundations Molly Bedingfield, Professor Mary Evans, Founder and director of Avenir Consulting Nadia Nagamootoo, Chair of Women’s Budget Group Pam Cole and CEO of The Powerful Man Tim Matthews amongst the attendees.

The purpose of a #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club is to facilitate and create a safe space to understand and explore the consequences of placing people into boxes and to co-create the future vision for change in the world. The subject discussed at this first ever international #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club was Gender Equality/Equity. Considering the high level of expertise and experience within the panel of delegates attending, the event more than exceeded its expectation.

Molly Bedingfield, President & CEO of Global Angel Foundations, commented:

“I find the NoMoreBoxes Movement insightful and inspiring as they work to bring positive and conscious change in society” comments. The #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club connected me to some fascinating people from all walks of life in a safe non-judging atmosphere perfect for respectful and open discussion. Personally, I would love to attend another breakfast with Nick and Runa as facilitators and hope the Club springs up all over the world.”

Professor Mary Evans said:

“Achieving gender equity involves both discussion and the recognition of our own perceptions; both these aims were fully achieved in the Breakfast Club, a meeting of people from diverse places who achieved that necessary fundamental consensus for greater human equity.”

Ambassador Stefan Haukur Johannesson whom actively took part of the conversation commented:

"Iceland is very proactive in its approach to gender equality, both through the legislative process and government intervention and as such – although there is a way to go – we have made great progress. However, attending a #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club has highlighted to me the importance of non-judgemental face to face dialogue and discussions. The #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club concept will without a doubt break down many barriers that are required to move us all forward in this area."

As part of the #NoMoreBoxes movement, a nd to support the Breakfast Clubs authors Rúna Magnúsdóttir and Nicholas Haines are also releasing the upcoming book The Story Of Boxes, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly on November 11th, 2018. The book explores some of humanity’s most salient and enduring boxes, including gender, race, sexuality, religion, and social class – giving readers a key to unlock the boxes in their own mind.

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