Crowdfunding Campaign Switched-on to Electrify Remote Villages in India

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Access to a safe and reliable energy supply is crucial to human well-being and to any country’s economic development and yet, globally, 1.2 billion people are without access to electricity with more than 95% of these people in either in sub-Saharan African or developing Asia, and around 80% are in rural areas.

In making a real impact to tackle this issue, an award-winning, British-based company is planning to send its innovative waste-to-energy technology to a remote village in the Andhra Pradesh region of India that is the site of a ground-breaking ‘Smart Village’ program that aims to improve the well-being of remote communities. Southampton-based SEaB Energy, a WEConnect International certified women-owned business, has launched a crowdfunding campaign that will assist them in donating its technology that will provide the villagers of Mori the ability to generate a source of reliable, green electricity from their own food and organic waste.

Sandra Sassow, SEaB Energy’s CEO and Co-Founder, said:

“There could be as many as 50 million rural households in India without electricity but prohibitive infrastructure costs could mean that these people may be never ever connected to the grid. The opportunity here is to not only demonstrate that our technology can dramatically improve the well-being of the villagers of Mori, but also to give hope to the millions around the world currently living off-grid with no expectation of ever being connected. Our systems not only provide electricity for cooking, lighting and refrigeration but could also allow each family in the village to run a laptop, connecting them to the cloud, that will enable better access to education that will improve their long-term prospects.”

SEaB Energy’s innovative waste-to-energy technology, housed in standardised shipping containers, transforms food and organic waste into electricity, heat, water and fertilizer directly on site of where the waste is produced. Its clients include major US corporations, Portugal’s largest supermarket chain and a NHS hospital in the UK, and now is hoping its technology will benefit the hundreds of thousands of remote communities across the globe who have no reliable access to electricity.

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