Evolve takes cybersecurity to the next level with Pro-evaluate!

Evolve Pro-Evaluate.jpg

Evolve, a WEConnect International certified women's business enterprise, are thrilled to have launched a new website for Pro-evaluate, their flagship product.

Originally designed by Health and Safety auditors as a tool to improve safety within organisations, Pro-evaluate has scaled and evolved into a full-fledged flexible audit and compliance software solution, which allows brands in different sectors to audit compliance against a wide range of processes, standards, and guidelines.

Pro-evaluate was a major rebranding of CHASE, a health and safety audit application built originally by Hastam. Hastam worked with Evolve in 2014 to do a major overhaul of their solution and build the software with the mission to produce an off-the-shelf model for businesses in any industry or sector to use for compliance audits.

As a result, Evolve took over the Pro-evaluate development project and assembled a dispersed team to build it. Today, a UK-Ukraine cross-border team scale, improve and maintain the product.

Pro-evaluate is industry-agnostic and caters best to IT security managers and consultants, data protection and privacy specialists, cybersecurity auditors, and other IT decision-makers as well as health and safety managers and officers and brand managers.

Please browse their new website, check out case studies and request a demo to see their tool in action by clicking here and for other details including a brief introduction video, click here.


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