ILM Level 3 Diploma for Managers

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There are a few final places available for our 12-month leadership qualification programme for majority women-owned businesses in the UK who wish to actively increase their turnover and grow the scale of their company. The programme is being funded by transferred apprenticeship levy funds from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, a WEConnect International corporate member, and designed and delivered by Skills4Stem, one of our certified women’s business enterprises.

The programme is FREE for participants and it has three development streams:
1) Growth Strategies
2) Business Operations
3) Leadership

The programme will be delivered over twelve months via monthly one-day face to face training sessions, online learning materials and Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) workbooks. In addition, participants will also receive one-to-one 90-minute coaching visits at their workplace every two months. The sessions are designed to inspire, encourage and empower future growth and development in your business. The programme is mapped into the ILM Level 3 Diploma for Managers – more information can be found here.

Qualification Course Content
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The face to face elements of the programme will be hosted at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car offices – Crawford House, Vicarage Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9FB.

The first session will take place on Friday 2nd August. Ideally, we would request interested candidates to attend this session even if you have not submitted all of your documents by this point as this will be an induction session which will provide you with crucial information, but we understand that for some of you this may not be possible due to the short notice. Everyone should then be properly onboarded in time for the next session which will be held on Friday 6th September and every first Friday of the month thereafter. The dates for the remaining face to face training sessions are listed above and the days will run from 9.30am to 4pm. DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR FINAL PLACES IS 30TH AUGUST BUT PLEASE APPLY AS SOON AS YOU CAN!

The programme is free but participants will be responsible for covering their own travel and accommodation costs.

Eligibility to Participate
The programme is open to the owners of, or senior managers in, any majority women-owned businesses in the UK with a turnover less than £1 million. Participants cannot already have any Level 3 (A-Level equivalent or above) formal leadership or management qualification – participants must also be in full time PAYE employment. Skills4Stem can provide more information about this.

Commitment – Very Important!
Selected participants are expected to attend all of the face to face sessions - unless otherwise agreed in advance. In addition, it is a requirement for the qualification, and the apprenticeship levy funding, that participants create a portfolio of evidence that shows their new skills are being applied in the workplace, that they complete two short online knowledge tests and take part in a final interview in month 12 of the programme.

Interested to Apply?
If you have any questions about the specifics of the course, the eligibility criteria or would like to apply for a place, please get in touch with Mishall Manji from Skills4Stem ASAP (but by Friday 30th August 2019 at the very latest) - her contact details are or 0333 939 8445.

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