The Lord Chancellor says Obelisk is a Driver of Change in the Legal Sector

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As part of a major speech on diversity within the legal sector, Liz Truss, the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, held up Obelisk Support, a WEConnect International certified women-owned business, as the model for change across the entire British legal system.

She said:

"We need more firms like Obelisk Support, who match the highly-qualified pool we have of largely female ex-City legal talent with clients looking for part-time and flexible legal advice. Obelisk is successfully challenging the old-fashioned culture of ‘jacket-left-on-chair’ presenteeism. Dana’s approach of flexible outsourcing means that success is measured by results, not hours spent grafting in the office. A real boost for all working parents."

Dana Denis-Smith, founder of Obelisk Support, said:

"The huge praise and support from the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary for the work we are doing here at Obelisk is humbling – working with great clients like you who share our vision and enjoy the benefits that the Obelisk model delivers - great work, measured on results, carried out by great lawyers, who are then free to spend more time with their families.Thanks for your on-going support."

To read Liz Truss's full speech, click here.

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