MEDA Women Entrepreneurs Forum held in Cairo

MEDA Women Entrepreneurs FOrum.png

Held on the 28th April 2016 in Cairo, Egypt, The VIII "Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum" was co-organised by AFAEMME (Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen) and ASCAME (Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry).

This Forum's edition took place under the theme "Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Promotion for Women and Youth" in the framework of the 11th African Congress for Women Entrepreneurs and the 4th Cairo Women Empowerment Summit.

The MEDA Forum consisted of three main panels:

  1. The institutional opening panel
  2. A second session on how to better support the Mediterranean youth through entrepreneurship promotion
  3. A final panel about the situation of women-owned companies in the MEDA region

Conclusions of the forum were:

  • During the Forum's opening session, it was highlighted how important it is to promote and empower both women and youth for achieving the region's economic development and inclusive growth.
  • Women's Economic Empowerment is crucial and the basis for achieving other Sustainable Development Goals, according to Dr Asfour, President of EBWA.
  • Dr Asfour also highlighted the value of alliances and networks for promoting women entrepreneurship in the region. She also mentioned the power of financial independence which gives women "the power of choice and voice."
  • Dr Ezz, Executive Board member of ASCAME, praised the "Public-Private-Civil Society Partnerships" as a new way of better achieving change in the region.
  • Participating business women associations highlighted the opportunity of training migrant women for entrepreneurship in the countries of destination,so that if/when they return to their countries of origin, they are well prepared to have the chance of achieving financial independence and rebuild their lives.

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