Obelisk Selected as Legal Services Provider to CMS UK

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With one of the largest legal talent pools in the UK, Obelisk, a WEConnect International certified women's business enterprise, is committed to furthering the careers of legal professionals who want to work flexibly, whilst delivering high-quality legal services to your organisation.

That’s why they are really pleased that CMS UK has chosen to partner with them to use their talented lawyers to deliver projects for their clients and their business, as part of their CMS by Design service.

The new strategic partnership will support in the delivery of Mix, a key strand of the firm’s global tech and innovation approach CMS by Design. Mix focuses on the deployment of people, processes, technology and resources to meet specific client needs, legal, regulatory or commercial. It draws on the firm’s growing pool of legal project managers, designers, product managers, legal tech tools and 90+ paralegals across its Legal Service Units to create and deliver tailored benefits for clients.

The partnership forms a central part of this offering – giving CMS access to Obelisk’s large talent pool to help resource client and business projects more flexibly.

Dana Denis-Smith, Obelisk CEO, says:

"We are looking forward to working with a like-minded leading business. Through this partnership with CMS, Obelisk can continue to drive positive change in the legal profession, share thinking and best practice, and support our consultants as they embrace new ways of operating that will allow them to flourish. I am excited that this collaboration allows our organisations to continue to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, flexibility and excellence."

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