Parental Choice Launches PC Payroll


Surrey-based Parental Choice has announced that it is expanding its tailored payroll, pension and legal services to all small businesses.

For eight years, Parental Choice, a WEConnect International certified women's business enterprise, has been a favourite with working parents looking for assistance in running their payroll services when they employ staff, predominantly nannies. More recently, they have been assisting members of the Equestrian Employers Association with their payroll requirements as well as supporting their existing parent clients who have set-up their own businesses and need their support.

Lucy Katan, director of the Equestrian Employers Association said:

“The EEA been working with Parental Choice since 2017. Following the introduction of auto-enrol pensions we wanted to help our members ensure they were compliant with their pension responsibilities. We were attracted to Parental Choice as they offer a fantastic all-inclusive package and our members have been delighted with the service we received. The team is highly knowledgeable, very friendly, timely and efficient. I cannot recommend PC Payroll highly enough.”

They are now taking all this experience and extending it to small businesses who are looking for help with running their payroll, pension and other administration tasks.

The services offered by PC Payroll are:

Payroll administration
• Liaising with HMRC on behalf of clients
• Issuing itemised payslips
• Calculation of pay
• Production of official documentation eg P45, P60 etc
• Calculation of statutory payments and holidays

Workplace pension assistance
• Guidance, advice and assistance with setting up for any relevant employees
• Link your payroll details to the qualifying pension scheme that you have chosen
• Provide you with all the necessary statutory correspondence that you will need to provide to your employee
• Assess your employee as to eligibility each time we run the payroll for you whether on a monthly or weekly basis
• Upload deductions / payments due to the qualifying pension scheme each time we run the payroll for you whether on a monthly or weekly basis
• Process any starters or leavers accordingly with your qualifying pension scheme
• Reassess your employee every three years if he / she has chosen to opt out in accordance with the legislation

Legal services
Services cover all employment and commercial legal advice including drafting employment contracts, terms of business, incorporation documentation including shareholder agreements, as well as consultancy agreements.

Sarah-Jane Butler, Founder and CEO of Parental Choice, said:

“Making our services available to a broader client base at this time will hopefully help small businesses which are growing themselves, but want an affordable and efficient way to manage their payroll and pension requirements. PC Payroll is a one-stop-shop for all payroll services and we look forward to working with new clients.

There is a change in the law this year which means all employees are entitled to a written statement of their employment on their first day in a new job. Many employers may not be aware of this and we have the in-house expertise to offer a fast turn-around service on our legal contracts.”

Butler has received glowing reports from clients she has worked with. Maurice Goldstone, Director of Allen Lane Limited said:

“Sarah-Jane has bought her significant post-qualification experience as a lawyer to augment our processes, procedures and critical documents. In addition to her flawless contract and legal-related work, she grasps complicated issues quickly and confidently communicates any issues to us, and always has a well-researched and thoughtful answer. We trust her judgement and she understand us as a business.”

Another happy client, Emily Shaw, Director of The Drive Project was complimentary:

“Sarah-Jane has been working with us for over a year and the change her work has made for our company has been incredible. We have a wide range of legal requirements and Sarah-Jane has helped us on each one of these. She has written, reviewed and advised on a range of contracts, and she has also offered us extensive and expert advice on all our legal requirements. Not only is Sarah-Jane reliable, efficient and experienced, she is also passionate about achieving the best for us at all times. Attributes that make her indispensable and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

For more information on how PC Payroll can help your business and the costs involved email or call 020 8979 6453.

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