Rochester PR Group's "Are you ready for business in the UK?" Available Now!

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London-based Rochester PR Group, a WEConnect International certified women-owned business, specialises in profile building, PR and marketing for companies looking to trade with or land in the UK, helping clients de-risk their market entry challenges by speeding up the process of becoming known and connecting them with the people who matter.

They have recently produced a little book "Are you ready for business in the UK?" which brings together advice and tips from Rochester’s contacts in the UK market entry community. It includes business advice such as Focus on what makes you unique, Everything else is a distraction – outsource it and From experience, we found being on the ground to be easier, more productive and better for creating the key relationships we needed at the front end to help establish the business and brand as well as reasons why the UK is a great place to do business The UK: market opportunity + ease of doing business + ecosystem = success.

There is a focus on London with the quirky best thing a London taxi driver has said to you to favourite recommendations for pubs, bars and restaurants for a meeting as well as answers to the question of what makes London unique The whole globe in one city: you can find people and food from all over the world in London.

If you are considering expanding to the UK and would like a copy (hard copy or downloadable PDF), just email Joanna Dodd, Managing Director of Rochester PR Group,

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