TEDx Talk by Dana Denis-Smith of Obelisk: "How to be Remembered"

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As we plan the goals that we want to achieve within the last quarter of the year, Dana Denis-Smith, CEO of Obelisk, a WEConnect International certified women-owned business, thinks that it's a good time to pause and reflect on how life is about more than just playing it forward.

As an innovator, she tends to focus on the future more, but in her recent TEDx talk, she focused on how to be remembered and says it is important to think about the life that you have already lived and what that means for your legacy.

Without purposefully recording our achievements and lives, our legacy is impoverished. Leaving a legacy is relevant in the professional sense too and it doesn't just have to involve performance metrics, it's worth remembering that how we make our colleagues and peers feel is equally important, if not more.

Purpose is everything and you can start by:
• actively collecting
• observing
• and recording as you go

To watch her TEDx talk, click hereand find out more about how you can craft your own legacy, whether that's personally and or professionally.

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