The Theme of 2018 International Parity @Work Day is The Silent Child

Equality Pioneers, a WEConnect International certified women-owned business, are inviting you to explore the impact of “The Silent Child” within each person that is not heard and understood; and how that limits each individual from contributing the value that could come from the essence of what makes him or her ‘different.’

Their aim is to increase ability to understand and appreciate the value of difference, so that each of us and our organisations can benefit.

Their theme for this year is inspired by the Oscar nominated short film “The Silent Child" that highlights the challenges faced by a 4 year old girl who is profoundly deaf and born into a hearing family that has no education about deafness. It demonstrates the challenges faced by someone who is not heard and understood in a moving and profound way.

Please do start the conversation in your organisation on Thursday 11th January 2018 and throughout January, remember to post what you find and how you celebrate International Parity @Work Day 2018 on social media with the hashtag #ParityAtWork.

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