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Ref. Service Location
05-20#8 Capital purchasing / raw and pack materials Europe-wide
05-20#7 Production Related Suppliers Europe
05-20#6 Assembly Suppliers Europe
05-20#5 Material Handling Equipment Suppliers Europe
05-20#4 Packing Suppliers Europe
05-20#3 Contract Manufacturers (fem care) Europe
05-20#2 Raw Materials Producers Europe
05-20#1 Hygiene Materials Suppliers Europe
05-20 Packaging Suppliers Europe
04-20#2 General PPE COVID-19 Europe-wide
04-20#1 "Lift Button Press" COVID-19 Europe-wide
04-20 Masks / gloves / hand sanitizer PPE Europe-wide
03-20#3 Products to help combat the challenges of COVID-19 COVID-19 Global
03-20#2 Print Suppliers Print Spain or Germany
03-20#1 Facilities Management Suppliers Facilities Europe-wide
03-20 Packaging / Print / Facilities Services Multiple Germany
Ongoing Metal / Medical Devices Medical Devices Europe
Ongoing Pharmaceutical Transportation Pharmaceutical / Logistics Europe
Ongoing Products for a hotel chain Hospitality Europe