Is WEConnect Certification Right for Me?

There are many benefits to being certified but not all businesses are candidates for certification. If you would like to see if your organisations would benefit from certification please take this short self-assessment quiz.

Q. Is your product/service targeted at large organisations and corporates?

It is usual for certified WBE’s to work mainly with the larger organisations and corporate companies.

Q. Does your business have the capacity to provide quality service and/or products on large contracts?

Corporate contracts tend to be larger than contracts many small businesses are accustomed to fulfilling. Your business must be prepared to demonstrate the ability to deliver on these larger contracts.

Q. Are you willing to share the details of your business including financial records, tax returns and company structure?

The certification committee must analyse a number of documents in order to determine the eligibility of your business. NOTE: All information and documents submitted by your business are kept completely confidential.

Q. Are you clear that WBE certification is a marketing tool, and does not entitle your company to corporate contracts?

If your business is certified, you will need to invest time and energy into developing a marketing campaign that targets corporations and government agencies that need your product or service. Certification as a WBE is primarily about increasing your access to contract opportunities with UK-based multinational organisations.

Once certified as a WBE, WEConnect will facilitate opportunities for you to meet with procurement officers from our member corporations; place your business details on our membership database which is searched by our corporate members as they seek new suppliers to work with; facilitate opportunities for you to meet with other WBE’s who are registered with us.

While you must still be competitive in price, quality and delivery, WBE certification will differentiate your business and ensure access to contract bidding opportunities that until now have been difficult to identify

If you answered Yes to all questions listed above, your business may be a good candidate for certification!