WEConnect International in Europe

WEConnect International in Europe is the leading global supplier diversity initiative spearheading the connection of women-owned business and multinational corporations. It is Europe's leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to global and national corporations and government bodies.

Our mission is to ensure that:

  • majority-women-owned businesses (51%+) are given fair and equal access to corporate and public sector procurement opportunities locally, nationally and internationally
  • corporate Europe and government agencies throughout Europe, understand and are able to benefit from the diversity, innovation and brand value-add that women-owned businesses bring

Our work is about access to contracts; it is not about preferential treatment.

We work with:

  • multinationals and government departments who recognise the benefits of widening access to their supply chains.
  • women-owned businesses who want to connect with corporates and demonstrate to them just how good they are.
A diverse supplier base is no longer an option - it is a business imperative.
WEConnect is here to create that opportunity.