WEConnect International Europe Conference 2015 - Breakout Sessions

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Creating a Successful Sales and Marketing Plan

Presented by Tina Freed from E2W

This interactive session focuses on creating a successful sales and marketing plan. It centres on identifying and understanding your marketplace and the buyers within it and will take you on a journey that starts from being ‘Unaware’, through to ‘Interest’, ‘Comprehension’, ‘Desire’ and ‘Action’. Topics includes how you map your market, position your business, create your key messages, promote them and monitor the success of each step. You will walk away with a greater knowledge of the steps needed to gain a deeper understanding of your marketplace and how to sell to your buyers, as well as share and learn best practices.

Bend or Break: How Companies Must Adjust to Worker's Changing Needs

Presented by Tracey Eker from Flexiworkforce

Dinosaurs beware! With cutting edge companies like Netflix and Pinterest implementing radical flexible working and equality agendas, Tracey Eker will tell you how and why your company has to evolve to fit the needs of 21st century workers - and how this will benefit your business in the long run.

Finding the Gold in Your Business

Presented by Carolyn Pearson from Maiden Voyage

You had an idea when you started your business or project of where you thought the value was, what your customers wanted and how to deliver it. But if you’ve struggled to make that dream a reality, perhaps it’s time to turn your business upside down, shake it inside out and see what falls out. Carolyn shares her journey of how she evolved maiden-voyage.com by disrupting the business travel market and pivoted her own business model to find the gold within. In this session Carolyn shares with you her top tips for:

  • Getting off the hamster wheel
  • Looking at your business in a new light
  • Innovative thinking
  • Getting your target customers to come to you as opposed to constantly chasing them
  • And how a conversation with a WEConnect International corporate member was the catalyst for transformational change

Technology and Innovation - Just What it Can Mean for Your Business

Presented by Anne Stokes from Streamwire

This breakout session is structured to demystify what technology and innovation really means - to show case some of the new products and services that are there to simplify the business world and to encourage confidence in doing out of the box thinking. What will the internet of things mean to women in business, what things to be mindful of and the challenges that cyber security poses to everyone working online.

Growing Your Business Through Winning Customer Service

Presented by Olu Joseph-Asikhia from Synergy Organisational Solutions

With markets becoming increasingly competitive, with more discerning consumers and with rapid advancements in technology, many business owners are struggling to sustain their businesses. More focused methods are needed to survive and grow. This interactive session will focus on how you can grow your business sustainably, use your customer service to add value to your business and increase your profit along the way. This session will look at specific service techniques to help you grow the value of your customer and highlight some mistakes that could cost your business dearly.

Dealing With Conflict in Leadership

Presented by Talwyn Whetter and Clare Hill from Sysdoc

Being a resilient leader means that you will have to deal with conflict which manifests itself in different shapes and forms. This session will explore ways to help you to identify and manage conflict. It will use role-play and real life examples to equip you with an understanding of how conflict can be a positive driver for change.

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