WEConnect International Europe Conference 2016 - Breakout Sessions

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How to Select for Success

Presented by Claire Edmunds - Founder & CEO, Clarify, a certified woman-owned business

Managing growth is one of the key challenges an SME faces and hiring the right employees from the outset is vital. Mistakes can be expensive not to mention the cost of lost time and lost opportunity. Today critical thinking is a key skill for employees – solving problems, communicating and connecting the dots on complex issues. But how do you assess these behavioural traits and identify the candidates that are the best fit for your organisation? Claire's business, Clarify, specialises in strategic business development for B2B organisations that are engaged in high-value complex sales. Recruiting people with the sales skills Clarify require to deliver its specialist business development services to clients is a key part of their success. This has prompted the company to invest in and develop a recruitment process to recognise a candidate’s core competencies and to assess behaviour traits in order to more accurately identify the potential employees that are the best cultural fit for Clarify. Claire will share the lessons she has learnt and offer tips and takeaways for businesses about to embark on a journey of growth and change.

Authentic and Intuitive Leadership – Harnessing Right Brain Attributes

Presented by Kath Ludlow - Founding Partner, Legend Engage, a certified women-owned business

The corporate world today demands a new breed of leader. Left brain logic and analysis will only get us so far – and tapping into right brain values such as intuition and creativity are now seen as appealing skills sets for even the most corporate of sectors. As women business owners, we are brilliantly placed to tap into the increasing value placed on right brain attributes. And yet many of us have grown up in a corporate environment where we were conditioned to suppress these skills. In this session, Kath will share examples of how she shifted to a more authentic and intuitive leadership style, and invite discussion about how business leaders can create a meaningful legacy via authentic and intuitive right brain leadership.

The Triple Bottom Line – Bridging the Gap Between Blue-sky Thinking and Workplace Change Implementation

Presented by Mo Gillespie - Commercial Director – EMEA, MovePlan Group, a certified women-owned business

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change” - Charles Darwin. Nobody likes change and as organisations seek to optimise their workspace, whilst driving down costs, many are introducing alternative ways of working. This interactive session will guide you through effective workplace change management focusing on the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Not only will you learn how to guide your organisation through the change, you will be inspired by the positive effect it can have on staff engagement and productivity, overall operation and real estate costs as well as the green credentials of your organisation.

Your Leadership Story

Presented by Jenny Garrett - Founder, Reflexion Associates, a certified women-owned business

Are you in awe of those whose story flows so eloquently? Find out how to craft and tell your story authentically and naturally to achieve results. This interactive session will help you:

  • Understand why your leadership story is critical to your entrepreneurial journey

  • Learn how to craft your story effortlessly

  • Unlock the value in your story

Design Paper and Print - How to Create Engaging Printed Marketing Campaigns

Presented by Joanna Harwood - Owner, Sentio Marketing, a certified women-owned business

This breakout session will offer an insight into creating eye catching, informative and printed materials for your business. Joanna will show you some great samples of work and how Sentio have achieved results for their clients. Joanna will offer a free paper sample service, special offers for Christmas print and other exclusive offers for business stationery. Joanna will share top tips for design and printing and there will be a printed top tips information leaflet to take away. Why not participate in this session and find out how the power of print can be an important part of your marketing plans for 2017.

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