WEConnect International Europe Conference 2018 - Breakout Sessions


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Optimising Your Competences for Success in Digital Transformation

Presented by Gudrun Frank and Verena Beckhusen - exprobico

Mastering digital transformation means, above all, cultivating your competences amidst a continuously evolving market. Innovations in information technology are ushering in new business models at a rapid pace and these, in turn, radically redefine the value proposition of goods and services. The digital transformation economy (known as the DX economy) is full of opportunities and it is fraught with obstacles. As business people, we are all affected regardless of whether we run a small family business, manage a medium-sized company or chair a global enterprise. Indeed, it's not just a topic for the CTO, the tech support team or the webmaster. It's a leadership issue. The manner in which you respond to digital disruption impacts upon your employees, your customers and ultimately your balance sheet.

Gudrun and Verena, two internationally active consultants from Germany, recognise the urgency of this subject. Gudrun, a mechanical engineer and an occupational scientist, and Verena, a management and communications specialist, use their 5-C Principle to identify, evaluate and develop competences for their clients. They will encourage you to not only to brace for the challenges of digitalisation but to embrace the opportunities on offer as well. Gaining competences also means gaining confidence.

Understand Cultures, Improve Performance

Presented by Sabine van Egeraat - Co-founder, Global Business Academy

Diverse teams drive better results. According to McKinsey, culturally diverse teams can outperform non-diverse teams by 35%. Culturally diverse teams enhance innovative thinking which in these days is a must to outperform competition. 35% is a huge result, but it is not achieved without challenges. Culturally diverse teams deal with different expectations and stereotyping, which has an impact on performance. 

Trust is considered a performance currency. Trust increases as soon as understanding increases. The more professionals understand each other, the more this will drive results in business. It sounds logical, however, appears to be more difficult than it seems. Stereotyping is a hard bias to overcome, expectations are often not clearly enough formulated and when cultures cross borders, a face to face meeting is hard to plan. 

In this session, we will discuss how bias has an impact on enhancing performance using unique video material. Furthermore, we will also highlight what every professional can do to positively change a challenge into an opportunity when working with different cultures. Whether you are supplying a multinational as a woman business owner or working for a multinational in an international team, overcoming these challenges is a great way to untap the full potential of your business.

Playing to Your Strengths

Presented by Jenny Garrett - Founder, Reflexion Associates

Wondering how to:

  • Identify and optimise your key strengths?

  • Raise your hand for opportunities?

  • Toot your own horn?

In this interactive session with award winning executive coach Jenny Garrett, you’ll be introduced to

  • Tools that reveal your hidden strengths
  • Strategies to overcome your weaknesses

  • The key to making your strengths work for you

You’ll also receive a list of recommended resources and access to Jenny’s online development programme the Happenista Project.

Using Social Media to Rock at Marketing and Selling

Presented by Tamara Littleton - CEO and Founder, The Social Element

This breakout session will be relevant for representatives from both SMEs and corporates and Tamara will talk about:

  • Using social listening to understand what people want so that you can sell them the right things
  • Using social media to deliver great customer service; amplifying your message to create a warm sales environment
  • Having great content to showcase what you do
  • Boosting your personal profile on social media and creating personal connections

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