WEConnect International Europe Conference 2019 - Breakout Sessions


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Tuesday 19 November 2019

A Transformative World

Led by Yvonne Thompson Founder & CEO at Change Innovators Incorporated, a certified WBE from Canada

Nowhere is transformation being felt more than in business and in leadership. During this session, Yvonne will share her vast knowledge and experience with organisations in North America and the UK that have had the courage to embrace change and create profound results. A Transformative World will challenge the business foundation of the last 150 years and take us on a journey of discovery into a new world of business and leadership. Yvonne will turn everything we have believed to be true upside down and share a roadmap to transformation that has worked for over a decade. Her unique ‘accountability model’ has been adapted by many organisations in Canada, the USA and the UK and has transformed the cultures of organisations where personal self-responsibility is now the norm.

The Gender Say Gap - What Does it Take For Female Leaders to be Seen And Heard?

Led by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes Managing Director & Founder at Ginger Public Speaking, a certified WBE from the UK

There is a need for more female role models but too many women are still refusing to step into the limelight - from taking credit for their successes, to stepping up to speak. So, what does it take to step up and stand out, when your inclination is to simply blend in? Sarah Lloyd-Hughes will share practical and personal insights around the psychology of being a visible and vocal leader based on her experiences of working with visionary female leaders. Expect stories, laughter and inspiration alongside practical suggestions for supporting women’s voices.

Creativity Booster

Led by Annett Schaper CEO at Menori Design GmbH, a certified WBE from Germany

We’re marketing every day - consciously or unconsciously – marketing ourselves as people, marketing our business and its services and products. We’re also constantly evolving. To ensure this process is a great and rewarding experience, Annett at Menori Design has developed a creative consulting session. You can expect to activate your right brain to access new strategic ideas or to restructure your existing services. Annett will turbo power your innovation pipeline and provide 100% motivation through a creative flow experience. The end result: gold for you as a marketeer!

Top Tips for Accelerating Your Personal Growth

Led by Wendy Broersen CEO/Founder at Superwomen Academy, a certified WBE from the Netherlands

Women are different from men. In this breakout session you will learn about 14 differences and how to turn them to your advantage so you can grow faster and easier. These practical tips are all based on personal growth so no matter what field you work in, whether you are an entrepreneur or working in the corporate world, you can put them into practice to rise and shine.

A New Approach to Designing Supplier Contracts

Led by Wendy Lawson Global Head of Advisory Services at IACCM.

This session is for representatives from multi-national corporations.
Impenetrable, incomprehensible, confusing and downright boring! It’s time to re-design and simplify contracts. As a not-for-profit global association, IACCM’s vision is “a world where all trading relationships deliver social and economic benefit.” Governments and global organisations increasingly want, and need, to engage with women-owned businesses but contract documentation is so complex that many diverse owned businesses are effectively excluded from any procurement process. Contracts, policies and bid documents do not need to be inaccessible. Through information design, visualization, plain language and focusing on user experience, this session is designed for corporate member representatives to demonstrate a new way for creating clear contractual documentation contributing to the WEConnect International vision. IACCM is the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management.

Wednesday 20 November 2019

How to Fuel The Innovation Your Business Needs

Led by Suesal Arieli Managing Director at Arieli & Company, a certified WBE from the UK

How will your organisation survive disruption? With high uncertainty, unstoppable trends and fast-paced technology, the ability to innovate will separate the winners from the losers. Leaders and contributors across an organisation need to know how to identify and leverage new opportunities. It is also critical to know how to support and create the innovation and intrapreneurship an organisation needs to navigate evolving markets and customer needs. This breakout session will provide business owners and leaders with insights and tools to identify potential for successful business innovation, to lead innovative people and teams and to generate and execute on innovative business ideas.

Industry 4.0 - Are You Ready for its Challenges?

Led by Joanita Bonnier Owner at Bonnier Consulting, a certified WBE from Switzerland

The current 4th Industrial Revolution is not only challenging the way people work, lead, cooperate and innovate within companies but it is also challenging the role and the impact of suppliers. As suppliers, businesses need to be ahead of the game to support their clients on the journey of adapting their company to this era of accelerated change. A great service portfolio might get you invited to pitch; thorough research, great listening and a customised proposal up to the last detail will get you the deal. During this breakout session, Joanita will share real-life examples with you and challenge you to boldly customise your next offer.

GDPR: What the Regulators Need You to Know

Led by Anita Lines and Nicola Klimkowski Directors at Design & Default, a certified WBE from the UK

It’s nearly four years since the EU GDPR was first published and regulators across Europe have taken significant action to help organisations understand what they need to do to comply - including some creative enforcement actions and fines. What many people don’t understand is that data protection rules are a fundamental part of the human rights landscape and if you fail to meet your obligations, you are also failing to protect the rights and freedoms afforded to every individual which we all have an equal right to enjoy in our democracy. Sometimes these failures will put lives at risk. Anita Lines has specialised exclusively in data protection compliance for more than 11 years - including having been asked by the UK Regulator, the ICO, to run data protection clinics on its behalf at its own conferences. If you want a whistle-stop tour on what you need to do to comply, together with key enforcement actions that have taken place, this is the breakout session for you!

Leading Global Growth with Heart from Africa

Led by Ayanda Mzondeki Founder & Managing Director at Liyema Consulting, a certified WBE from South Africa

Mindful inclusion and valuing people ahead of profits makes better business sense as does putting people first when prioritising inclusive value chains. Speaking from an African perspective, in this breakout session Ayanda will explain why women-owned businesses in South Africa are in a position to be a positive asset to global commercial partnerships. There is something special about the way South African business have had to live within their unique experiences including the need to be ‘multi-lingual’. Inclusion should not be a box ticking exercise but a genuine understand and appreciation of the differences that diversity brings. By sharing practical examples, Ayanda will take us through how inclusion is an advantage that can provide access to new skills and innovatively grow business globally. 

The World We Want: 17 Goals to Save the Planet

Led by Nicola Ainger Managing Director at SustainIt, a certified WBE from the UK

End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change. It may seem impossible but the Sustainable Development Goals are world-changing objectives that the United Nation developed to ensure that all people on earth enjoy peace and prosperity. The UN recognise that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests. Whether your passion is to support other women in business, to help reduce gender inequality, to spend volunteer hours supporting those less fortunate, to work to reduce your own environmental impact or to help local community groups, as global citizens we can all play a part in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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