WEConnect International's Europe Conference 2014 - Workshops

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Access to Finance – the Single Biggest Issue Facing SMEs

Presented by Louise Beaumont, Platform Black 

The single biggest issue facing SMEs in the UK today now is access to finance. A recent survey found that the overwhelming majority (89%) are concerned about how they will grow their business in the year ahead. Louise will describe the rapidly growing Alternative Finance landscape and the innovative finance options available to women-owned businesses.

Brand Famous

Presented by Linzi Boyd, The School of Brand Fame

Don’t let your business fade into the background. There are so many brands out there – in all sectors – you need yours to shine above the competition. It’s time to take your brand to the next level. And that’s what Brand Famous helps you do. Whether you want to build, renovate or just refresh your brand, Linzi Boyd, an entrepreneurial brand guru and author of the book ‘Brand Famous’ will outline a winning formula for success from idea to execution, along with hidden branding secrets, practical tips and real life examples. Linzi maps out five stages to work through from discovering the true essence of your brand to achieving that all-important recognition.

  • Discover what tactics will actually make your business or product a desirable, recognisable brand
  • Gain insights on common mistakes to avoid when building your brand
  • Presenting the five-step process required to achieve stand out status

Power of Me

Presented by Sonia Bate, Edit Development

This interactive session focuses on our personal powers of resilience, courage and belief. We will explore how you respond to challenge, how you maintain confidence, and what behavioural patterns are adding value to you and your business as well as derailing you. You will walk away with a greater understanding of yourself as well as techniques for tapping into your personal power. Grounded in neuroscience this masterclass will challenge the way you think, give you an opportunity to reflect on yourself, as well as share and learn best practices.

Managing the Diva Within

Presented by Ishreen Bradley, Bizas

Getting YOU to centre stage rather than imitations of you. This workshop is about looking at different personae to identify who you are as your authentic self and then who you are when you are trying to survive/fit in. We will explore what makes a woman show up as her authentic self, what throws her off course, and how to spot when you are not being your true self so that you can self-correct and connect with others in a natural and authentic way.

Size Really Does Matter!

Presented by Katie Day, The High-heeled Leader

Create your perfect pitch and make the first 20 seconds count. In this session Katie will take you through the architecture to create your Perfect Pitch and share top tips to capture the heart of your client. If the heart is engaged, the head will listen and buy. Katie will then share with you the key success strategies to ensure your voice has impact and authority, together with the headlines for successful networking where you can put all of the information into practice and create the outcomes you want.

  • Find out how to sell your ‘why’ not your ‘what’
  • Top tips for engaging the heart of your client
  • How to have a voice with confidence for maximum impact
  • Learn the keys to successful networking

Website Localisation – The Best Way to Reach International Clients

Presented by Nelly Kostadinova, Lingua-World GmbH

Are businesses choosing the right marketing strategy in this age of globalisation? An increasing number of companies are using their websites as a key basis from which to grow and expand their businesses and are saving time and money as a result. Such a strategy offers clear advantages in the form of flexibility, interaction with the target customer group and diversity of information. Localisation is the key to reaching clients worldwide. Businesses cannot just focus on language when adapting and expanding website content internationally. They also need to consider issues such as communication, marketing, product development, sales, and support. Website design must take into account individual characteristics, cultural and legal differences – not as an afterthought, but from the very beginning. In this session, Nelly will share her expertise in this field and help you to understand how you should respond to the globalisation challenge.

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